Complex Photo Chemical Etching Design

Optimized Tooling

Photo chemical etching tooling is produced in the form of a photo-resist film. This means that tools can be ready for use in as little as a few hours from the moment we receive your part's design file. 

The complexity of your part has no bearing on the cost of this process which makes PCE cost effective and highly receptive to design change.

Exceptional Efficiency

Photo chemical etching techniques involve nesting parts so that many parts are produced in a single etching cycle.

Additionally, every feature on a part is etched simultaneously, so the time and resources required to produce parts are always determined independently from part complexity.

For example, this allows screens to be etched with unprecedented efficiency by etching hundreds of holes at once.

These two aspects combine to imbue the PCE process with extraordinary speed and efficiency, so you'll get your parts faster.

Extreme Precision

Photo chemical etching operates within unbelievably tight tolerances which makes it the ideal process for extremely sensitive parts that require exact precision.

For a complete overview of our requirements and tolerances, see chem etch basics.