Photo Chemical Etching Edge Condition

Benefits of Etched Edges

  • Uniform thickness throughout the part - no roll over
  • No burrs or tabs
  • No heat affected zone
  • No secondary de-burring process
  • No distortion of holes

The process of stamping parts often causes "roll over" (pictured right), where the edges of parts become tapered as the force of stamping rolls them past the defined edge.

Alternatively, photo chemically etched parts form defined edges with no roll over (pictured left) and maintain a uniform thickness throughout parts.

  Etched - Defined Edge

  Stamped - Rolled Edge

Examples of parts benefiting from etching

  • Washers and shims - consistent thickness
  • Electrical components - no burrs
  • Screens and filters - uniform holes

Optimal Material Thickness

  • Optimal: 0.002" to 0.030"
  • 0.030" to 0.062" possible, but higher cost
  • <0.002" possible