Incodema is a leading rapid prototype manufacturer, so when the call to action came from our local hospital Cayuga Medical Center (CMC) to find a solution to the face shield shortage, the talented team at Incodema was ready to help. After discussions with CMC, we realized the significant challenge is that most shields are single – use or can be cleaned only a limited number of times before needing to discard.

Short-term solution

While thinking of a long-term solution, Incodema used their MicroCut machine to cut 46 plastic face shields. Since we could not find elastic, a new design was created to wrap partway around the head which could be fastened in the back with Velcro.

Long-term solution

Using stainless steel, a design was created to wrap the headgear partway around the head. Within 4 days Incodema delivered the first prototypes for trial over the weekend. Feedback was received from CMC and modifications were made to make the band closer fitting and include holes in the back for an optional fastener for longer-term use. The final design was delivered in 7 business days.

For the plastic shield, we found Mylar to be sturdier and less prone to scratching. Both the headgear and the shield were tested by Cayuga Medical to be sanitizable. Full sanitizing procedures are pending from CMC.

We applaud our team for their quick response and creative ideas in developing a solution in support of the fight against COVID-19.

We have included the open-source CAD file below for your use.

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PDF Files

Shield Instructions

Face mask screen

Head band view

Head band layout

DWG Files

Face mask screen print

Head band bend layout

Head band overlay