Working with NYC-based design firm Factioned, Ithaca-based Incodema, Inc. built the metal, portion of a beer can for Busch’s #Car2Can campaign. Using parts of Kevin Harvick’s 2018 NASCAR race car, Incodema made the top half of 40 collector’s edition Busch cans. The bottom half of each car is carbon fiber recycled from the same car.

A video showing how the cans were made was released by Busch and can be seen on YouTube. It shows Incodema laser cutting, and forming and finishing the parts. “This project was very challenging as the car parts were not flat nor uniform in thickness and shape, and the exterior vinyl coating needed to be preserved throughout the process to ensure authenticity of the can being born from a race car.” explained Odin Wojcik, Incodema sales engineer.

NASCAR fans will have a chance to win a can by playing a live trivia contest during the televised February 17th Daytona races.

Incodema, Inc. is a precision cutting and forming manufacturer specializing in rapid prototypes located in the City of Ithaca.