Conductive Fabric

A new, highly versatile technology, utilizing Shieldex tin-silver-copper* conductive fabric and processing it with chemical etching, to offer a value added innovation useful in multiple industry applications.

NewPowerTEX fabric

Newcut's photochemical etching processes selectively remove sections of metal from the conductive fabrics to produce specific designs within the body of the material.

Newcut is the first manufacturer to master this textile etching to the highest level of accuracy.

Benefits created by this process include:

  • Flexibility of design (both standard and custom)
  • Lightweight
  • Increased durability and conductivity

Newcut can customize this technology to meet the needs of a multitude of industry applications.

For more information or to receive an etched fabric sample, click here.

*Tin-copper-silver (SnAgCu, also known as SA), is lead-free and RoHS compliant material.