Photo Etching Metal Requirements

Photo Etching Quality Metal

In the photo chemical machining process, standard commercial grade metal is not normally supplied.

Instead photo etching quality metal is used; this grade of metal has a superior finish in comparison with commercial grade metals. Photo etching metals are usually cold rolled. Surface finishes, however, vary depending upon the metal type.

Do We Etch Your Metal?

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Forms of Metals Used in
The Photo Etching Process

Metals for photo etching are produced in the following forms: flat sheets, coil, and blanks cut to size.

Metals most commonly used as flat sheets are aluminum, annealed stainless steel, copper, and brass. Nickel, beryllium copper, and phosphor bronze are normally supplied in coil stock.

Often flat sheet metal will be coated to protect the surface during shipment. The coating is then removed before the metal is photo etched, during the cleaning process.

The photo etching process does not affect the mechanical properties of the metal. Fully annealed metals remain fully annealed. Likewise, the hardness of hardened metals is not affected by photo chemical etching process.