Why Experience Matters in Photo Chemical Etching

3 Reasons You Can't Overlook Experience When Selecting a Photo Etching Company

The more complex your design, the more important an experienced etching company is.

Every element of the design and photo etching process has complex interrelationships: if one factor is miscalculated, the entire product can be compromised.

An experienced etching company knows how to factor for these variables and produce your parts to meet your toughest specifications

Not only will experienced companies offer more tactical knowledge, they share their experience to create innovative solutions and guide you through the entire photo etching process. 

In this blog, we're going to discuss the 3 most significant reasons why experience matters when 

1. Considering the “Etch Factor"

The etch factor is a small offset produced by the etching process.

When the etching process dissolves the material, the hole or track is often slightly smaller than the tooling.

Photo etching engineers must account for the etch factor. If the etch factor is overlooked, lines and holes can bleed together in the final product.

Experienced engineers know how to account for the etching factor so that your final product meets your specs.

2. Experienced Engineers Solve Even Tougher Challenges

For photo chemical etching companies, experience can ignite innovation.

Experienced photo chemical etching companies can draw on past projects to create new solutions that solve bigger challenges that others will not.

At Newcut, for example, we were approached by a customer who was told by another etcher that a certain alloy cannot be etched. With our experience and some research, we learned that, while some elements of the alloy could not be etched individually, they etched quite nicely as a whole.

Whereas other companies turned them down, our experience helped us find a solution to the client’s problem.

3. Guidance Through the Photo Etching Process

Knowledgeable etching companies can help you get more from your photo etching productions.

They can guide you through the photo etching process to make sure you get the best product, help you with design questions and even give you advice that you could only receive from experienced etchers.

They can help you find potential design issues before you find them in production.


Experienced photo etching companies will do more than just “get the job done”: they’ll get the job done right.

That’s why experience matters when selecting a photo etching company. 

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