Custom Flat Springs - How You Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Custom Flat Springs - How You Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Many companies turn to stamping or laser cutting for their flat springs, but oftentimes another process can give you a better price and lead time—photo chemical etching.

Let’s explore 3 ways in which photo etching can help you reduce manufacturing costs for your custom flat springs:

1. No Burrs Mean No Deburring Fees

Cutting methods like stamping leave behind burrs, which usually need to be removed.

And deburring cost money.

While the cost for deburring seems minimal at first – oftentimes just a few cents per flat spring – it adds up quickly. Once you’re producing a hundreds of thousands of flat springs, you’re suddenly paying big time for your deburring.

Photo etching never produces burrs. Since the details are etched away from the metal rather than being pushed out by force, the process leaves no extra metal behind.

So you'll never need to pay the expensive duburring fees with photo etching.

2. Lower Tooling Costs Reduce Upfront Expenses

Traditional tooling can cost you thousands of dollars to produce. This is because traditional tooling requires its own design/engineering, multiple stages of production and even finishing.

By the end of the tooling process, you can be spending well over $1000 just for the ability to produce your flat springs.

Phototooling, on the other hand, is produced digitally, so there’s no expensive production fees. In fact, phototooling usually costs a small fraction of traditional tooling, oftentimes somewhere around $100 - $200.

3. Low Cost Design Modifications

One of the greatest features of photo chemical etching is the ease with which you can modify your design.

If a measurement needs adjusting or some other spec must change, you don’t need to break the bank to make your adjustment.

That’s because the phototooling is so affordable that replacing it is not a large cost burden. For traditional cutting methods, on the other hand, you could be out thousands of dollars for a minor design modification.


If you want to manufacture custom flat springs, don’t just rely on traditional cutting methods.

Processes like photo etching can help you dramatically reduce your costs and lead time.

At Newcut, we can produce flat springs using stamping, laser cutting or photo etching. We’ll can quote the part using each process so you know you’re getting the best price.

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