Essential Tips Chem Etching Design Engineers Should Know: Corners

In the next four posts, we will discuss four essential tips design engineers should know when designing for photo chemical etching.

This week we’ll discuss corners.

In general, the photo chemical etching process rounds off corners. For many designs, this works out well. It means no sharp corners that can injure people or catch on other parts.

But when a design requires squared corners, there are solutions for designers.

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The solution is a serif added to the design so that when the image is transferred, it will reproduce as a sharp corner on the actual part.

During the process when the design is etched away, the serif will dissolve down to a squared corner.

See below for an illustration of these serifs:


If you have any questions or you would like to speak to an engineer regarding these serifs for your design, contact Newcut today.

Next week, we will discuss tips for how design engineers can optimize their hole configuration in their designs.

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