Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Photo Etching

Get More Complex Designs at No Extra Cost with Photo Etching

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In our last post we discussed how photo chemical etching helps companies reduce their tooling costs. Now, let's see how the photo chemical etching process allows you to get your complex precision parts at more competitive prices than traditional cutting methods.

Streamlined process for producing precision parts

It all starts with the process: most cutting processes like laser or waterjet cut individual shapes out of the source material; photo chemical etching, however, erodes your shapes all at once to create your design.

That means photo chemical etching allows you to produce your shapes in a single stage, whether your design requires one shape or thousands.

How does this affect pricing?

Since the time required to produce a photo etched part doesn't vary between simple and more complex shapes, it provides manufacturers a more cost-effective pricing model for their complex part productions.

With photo chemical etching, you pay for the area; with most cutting processes you would pay per cut.

This means that, with photo chemical etching, you effectively pay the same no matter how simple or complex your design.


The photo chemical etching process gives producers a cost-effective solution for producing more complex parts. The time and labor saved by producing so many shapes in a single step is passed along to the consumer. That's why so many manufacturers turn to photo chemical etching for their precision parts needs.

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