Selecting the Right Photo Chemical Etching Firm

Selecting the Right Photo Chemical Etching Firm

As photo chemical etching gains more attention from manufacturers in the US, more photo etching firms are arising.

But not all etching firms are equal.

You shouldn’t just trust your design with any supplier: photo etching in particular demands expert knowledge, experience and guidance. Without them, your design can suffer.

That’s why we’ve broken out a few things to consider when vetting photo etching firms.


It probably comes as no surprise that experience is necessary in the photo etching industry.

An experienced team will make sure your component meets the toughest specs and ensure your design takes full advantage of photo etching’s many benefits.

Without an experienced team, your design might suffer: important variables can be overlooked, causing bleeding and merging between tight spaces or distort the overall design.


You probably don’t want a company that just does what it’s told. This means they can overlook potential issues down the road.

Make sure your photo etching company employs experienced engineers who will know what to watch, so they can not only make sure your component meet your specs, but also avoid potential headaches further down the road.

Imagine learning that the design didn’t consider the etch factor and did not meet specs once etched. Or learning after-the-fact that an edge required special treatment to meet specs.

An experienced engineer will catch these potential issues before they’re a big problem.

Research and Development

Even if your design doesn’t require cutting edge etching services, you should look to see if the etching firm continues to develop new practices and methods.

When a company develops methods to etch new materials, for example, it shows they’re using state-of-the-art etching techniques. Photo etching is a precision method and staying on top of the latest technology and capabilities is essential.

Otherwise, a company could use outdated methods that might increase your costs or lead time.


When you select a photo chemical etching firm, you can’t make any assumptions about their quality.

Photo etching has only recently been gaining in popularity, so that means new companies that might now have the qualifications and experience to etch more complex components with tougher specs.

By learning more about the company’s experience, staff and continued advancements, you can determine whether the company can meet your requirements.

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