Partial Photo Chemical Etching

Benefits of Partially Etching

Photo chemical machining enables exceptionally precise etchings of various depths which can be used to add decorative or industrial features to most parts.

 Every feature is etched simultaneously, so complex features can be partially etched at no additional cost.

Partial Etching Guidelines

  • At least 0.002” metal remaining below each partial etch
  • Width of each partial etch at least 1.5x the depth
  • Optimal for metal thickness of 0.002” to 0.030"

Applications of Partial Etching

  • Part Marking 
  • Perforated Diaphragms
  • Relief for Additional Tool Access
  • Flow Channels
  • Heat-dissipating Features
  • Weight Reduction
  • Rupture Seams
  • Bend Lines

Examples of Partial Etching