Newcut etches customized EMI/RFI shielding to protect circuitry from interference.

We can etch your shielding from most materials. Most commonly, shields are etched from .007” - .020” brass, nickel silver, copper and cold rolled steel.

Board level shielding can also be etched from beryllium copper if spring qualities are desired.

You can find our shielding in a number of applications, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, as well as cellular and satellite components.

Bend lines at
no additional cost

All shielding designs can include bend lines at no additional cost. Bend lines allow us to ship and store your parts flat while ensuring each bend meets your precise specifications.

If you need your parts bent before delivery, we provide bending services at very competitive prices.

Copper Shield

for Photo Etched Shielding

Etched shielding can be found in a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial Products
  • Electronics

Capabilities for Shielding

  • If bend lines are not preferred, Newcut also offers traditional bending services.
  • Mounting pin styles available in any configuration.
  • Parts can be manufactured in tabbed or untabbed process sheets.
  • Clips, edge connectors, or other features can also be etched into your metal part for subsequent parts assembly or attachment to PCBs or other hardware assemblies.
  • Newcut processes yield consistent etching results and dimensional consistencies across the entire panel.
  • Prototypes are typically produced in less than 5 business days.