Photo etched signs are one of the most durable and weather-resistant signage options available.

An etched sign can hold up under years of exposure to various elements. They are also available in any material that can be etched, such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or copper.

Photo Etched Siganage: USA
Photo Etched Siganage: BAC

Two Etching Processes

To Meet Your Designs

Newcut offers two types of etching for signage:

  1. Regular Etching: when your design is etched out of the metal. This leaves your design indented into the material.
  2. Reverse Etching: when the background of your design is etched away, leaving your design raised.

Regular Etching:

Reversed Etching:

Photo Etching to Comply

With ADA Requirements

To comply with ADA requirements, Braille symbols are photo etched to a depth of .032". Both .032 etch depths and shallower depths for detailed graphics can be applied to the same panel.

Consider Newcut photo etching for your next signage project.
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