Vendor Requirements

Newcut Supplier Quality Requirements

Unless otherwise directed by the purchase order, the following quality system requirements shall apply:

Records of Objective Evidence and Record Retention:

Suppliers shall retain verifiable objective evidence of inspection and tests performed.  Unless otherwise specified, Quality Records shall be made available for evaluation for a period of ten (10) years.

Calibration System:

Calibration of measuring and test equipment used for product acceptance shall be traceable to established international or national measurement standards (e.g., NIST).

Procedures for periodic calibration and maintenance of tools and equipment shall be established and followed.

Inspection System:

Suppliers shall maintain records of inspection.  The inspection system shall evaluate items to ensure that only hardware/services that conform to purchase order requirements are delivered to Newcut.

Nonconforming Product:

Supplier shall notify Newcut of nonconforming product and shall not ship nonconforming material without Newcut’s prior approval.

Supplier Control:

Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the applicable requirements of this purchase order are imposed on lower tier procurements for raw material, components, or process services being used in the manufacture of products or services being provided.

Certificate of Compliance:

The Certificate of Compliance is a quality record that shall include the Newcut part number and drawing revision, Military, Federal  or Industry specification number (as applicable), purchase order number, quantity, date shipped, and manufacturer’s name and authorized representative signature.  The supplier shall be able to furnish information on their source of supply that could include items such as serial numbers, lot numbers, heat numbers, batch, date code, and cure date.  Unless directed by Newcut, the data shall be retained on file and made available to Newcut upon request.

Right of Entry:

Newcut, Newcut customer and/or government representatives reserve the right to determine and verify quality of work, records, and material at any place, including the plant of the supplier.  The supplier shall notify Newcut of a change to facility location.

Responsibility of Conformance:

Acceptance of product shall not be used as evidence of effective control of quality by the supplier, and shall not absolve the supplier of responsibility for acceptable products or preclude subsequent rejection by Newcut customers.

Industry Specification and Standards:

For all Military, Federal, and Industry specifications and standards, the supplier shall comply with the revision in affect at the time the Newcut purchase order is issued.  Newcut reserves the right to request a different revision that would be specified on the purchase order.

Form No. Newcut 1.5.3 Rev B (3-28-19) Procurement Flow Down Requirements